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Arch Engineering Resources Pte Ltd
Blk 1 Kaki Bukit Avenue 3
#08-10 Singapore 416087
Tel: (65) 6747 1926

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About Us

    Arch Engineering Resources Pte Ltd
  is 'The Gateway to Engineering Solutions', providing Engineering Design, Fabrication and Services in the following industries:

  • Defence
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Security
  • Aviation

Established in 2005, and incorporated as a private limited company in 2006, we have designed and fabricated many different types of Structure, Enclosure and Conveyors, catering to the special needs of each individual industry.
Locally, our conveyors can be seen at Changi Airport, Immigration Checkpoints throughout Singapore, Singapore Flyers, and many other places. Our products have also been distributed to many countries in Asia.
Arch Engineering Resources is committed to render the highest Quality and Service Standards, and has an excellent relationship with both our customers and suppliers, who would gladly provide testimony to our capabilities and products.

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